Hi, my name is Gabriel Chartrand. I’m the go-to guy for anything dirt related for the Tri-Town and surrounding areas. I'm also a loving father as you can see. My second love is business! My speciality is getting any job done on time on budget and sharing my ideas with my customers to save them money.


Yvan wanted his old red barn demolished, so I tore it down. I loaded hundreds of dump truck for Charles and removed some topsoil off some bedrock for him. In a weekend I gave Rhonda that new parking lot she had been dreaming of so she could park her new car closer to her house. Peter wanted some silt removed from an old dredge around his dock so his family could enjoy their private beach a little more. All of my customers had one thing in common...they trusted me.


I'm an incredibly passionate and hard working individual and I always strive to do a good job...that's just how I operate. So contact me if you’d like to work together on your next project.

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